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The epic of Greece in WWII

Following are a couple of facts and proclamations on the war effort
of the Greek nation during WWII and the impact that effort had on
the final outcome of the war. If this is not the stuff epics are made off,
I don't know what is


Greece: 219*
Norway: 61
France: 43 (Superpower of that time)
Poland: 30
Belgium: 18
The Netherlands : 4
Yugoslavia: 3
Denmark: 0 days
(The Danes surrendered to one of Hitler's motorcyclists who was
delivering to the Danish King Hitler's request for passage of Nazi
troops. The Danish King in a gesture of submission handed over his
crown to the motorcyclist so he could take it to Berlin for Hitler)
Czechoslovakia: 0
Luxembourg: 0
* Greece was the only country that was obligated to simultaneously confront four armies:
those of Germany , Italy , Bulgaria and Albania .


The number of Greek soldiers that died during the 219 days of resistance was 13,676.
The total number of human losses in percentage to total population
(including executions, sufferings and battles):
Greece: 10% (750,000)
Soviet Union: 2.8%
The Netherlands : 2.2%
France: 2%
Poland: 1.8%
Yugoslavia: 1.7%
Belgium: 1.5%


Charles de Gaulle 1890-1970, French President 1958-1969. Leader of
the French resistance in WWII:
" I am not able to express the immense gratitude that I feel for the
heroic resistance of the people and leaders of Greece".
(from a speech to the French parliament after the end of WWII)

Maurice Schumann 1911-1992, Foreign minister of France 1969-1973
"Greece is the symbol of a martyred, enslaved, bloodied yet still alive
Europe. Never has a defeat been so honorable for those who have
suffered it."
(from an address made from BBC, London to the defeated nations
of Europe on 28th April 1941, the day Germany took Athens after
a war of 6 months against Italy and 6 weeks against Germany)

Joseph Vissarionovich Tzougasvili Stalin 1879-1953 Leader of the
Soviet Union from 1924 until 1953
"I am sad that I am growing old and I will not live long enough to be
thanking the nation of Greece, whose resistance decided the world
war." (from a speech of the Moscow radio station on January 31 1943
after the soviet win in Stalingrad)

Moscow radio station:
"You fought without weapons and you won, small against big.
We owe you our deepest gratitude, because you gave us time
to organize and defend our selves. As Russians, and as people,
we thank you."

Georgy Constantinovich Joucov 1896-1974, General, Soviet army:
" If the Russian people managed to mount a resistance in front of
the Moscow gates, to hold off and to
turn back the German rapids, they owe it to the Greek nation who
delayed the German battalions all that time that they could have
brought us to our knees. The titanic battle of Crete was the apex
of the Greek contribution." (from his WWII memoirs)

Benito Mussolini 1833-1945 Prime Minister of Italy 1922-1945
"The war with Greece proved that nothing is unshakeable in military
matters and that there always will be surprises"

Adolph Hitler 1889-1945, Führer (Leader/guide) of Germany
Part of the address by Chancellor Adolph Hitler to the Reichstag
on 4 May 1941:
"Historical justice obliges me to state that of the enemies who took
up positions against us, the Greek soldier particularly fought with
the highest courage. He capitulated only when further resistance
had become impossible and useless."

Sir Robert Anthony Eden 1897-1977, Foreign minister of Britain
1940-1945, Prime minister 1955-1957
"Regardless of what the historians will say in the future, one thing
that we can say now is this, that Greece gave Mussolini an
unforgettable lesson, that they(Greece) were the reason for the
revolution in Yugoslavia, that they held the Germans in their
mainland and in Crete for six weeks, that they changed the
chronological order of the German war plans and by so doing,
brought on a general reversal of the direction of the war and
so we won"

Winston Churchill 1874-1965 Prime Minister of Britain in WWII
" I'm afraid that the word heroism does not describe in the least
the acts of self-sacrifice of the Greeks, which were decisive to the
winning outcome of the war of nations during world war II, for
human freedom and dignity." "Had it not been for the valor and
bravery of the Greek nation, the outcome of the war would
have been uncertain"
(from a speech to the British parliament on April 24 1941)

"Until now we said that Greeks fight like heroes. From now on,
we shall say: Heroes fight like Greeks"
(from a BBC speech during the first days of the Greek-Italian war)

"The Greeks fighting against the common enemy, they shall share
with us the rewards of peace"
(from a speech on the 28 October when Italy attacked Greece)

Sir Harold Leofric George Alexander 1891-1969,
British Marshal during WWII
"It would not be an exaggeration to say that Greece overturned
the German's plans, forcing them to postpone for six weeks their
attack on Russia. I ask my self, what would have been the
Soviet Unions position without Greece." (from a speech at the
British parliament on October 38 1941)

George the sixth (1898 - 1952) King of England 1936 - 1952
"The noble struggle of Greece, was the first turning point of WWII"
Speech for the Parliament, May 1945)

F. D. Roosevelt 1882 - 1945, President of the U.S.A. 1932 - 1945
"On October 28 1940, Greece was given 3 hours to choose between
war or peace. Even if they were given a three day period, or a three
week period, or even a three year extension, their answer would've
been the same. Throughout the centuries, Greeks have taught us
the meaning of dignity. When the whole world had lost all hope,
the Greek people dared to doubt the presumed invincibility of the
German war machine, pitting against them the proud spirit of
(radio broadcast from 10/6/1943)

"The heroic battle of Greece against the German attack, after their
unbelievable victory over Italy in their attempt to take Greece,
filled with enthusiasm the hearts of the American people and
moved their sympathy. From more than a century ago during
the war for the independence of Greece, our nation expressed
their fiery support for Greece and always hoped for a
Greek victory. (25/04/1941, white house broadcast)

On April 10 1941 at the Roupel and Paliouriotes forts, after the
capitulation with Germany, the Germans show their admiration
for the Greek soldiers by declaring that it is an honor and that
they are proud to have fought so brave an opponent.
They then asked the Greek general to inspect the German
soldiers as a sign of respect. They hoisted the German flag
on the pole only after the complete withdrawal of the remaining
Greek soldiers.

A German air officer told the commander of the east Macedonian
division, lieutenant Deden that the Greek army was the first army
that their Stuka planes did not evoke fear upon. He said:
Your soldiers, instead of running away screaming like the
other armies did in France and Poland, they stayed put
and were firing at us!!.

It is extremely sad and unfortunate that in present day Greece,
the very fact that someone knows, acknowledges, respects or
is proud of this history, will only serve in having the neo-greeks
stick the fascist, racist or ethnisist label on you. Yet, even their
grand parents died for the freedom they so liberally abuse and
misuse today.
I am proud of who I am and where I came from. If that makes
me a fascist, racist or whatever other "ist" they'd like to pin on
me...... so be it. They can kiss my ass!! (provided they have brushed
their teeth and have rinsed well, don’t want them contaminating me)

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