Monday, October 5, 2009

The begining of the end (elections in Greece)

And so it happened. The New Democracy (ND) party was defeated
by the Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) in today's
elections. It is very sad indeed that Hellenes from Greece
don't have the long range vision required to make the right
decision at a time the country is in eminent danger from
all sides including the inside. They always pick one of the
two big parties. Why?

The main reason that PASOK or ND always win is simple.
The largest majority of voters, (about 80% if we take
into consideration the voting results, that leaves about
20 % of the vote for all other parties), believe that
since the other smaller parties never get many votes,
a vote for a small party is a wasted vote, and so they
(unhappily at times) give their vote to one of the two
major ones. This is the wrong thing to do if we/they
want change. If more votes went to the smaller parties,
maybe the political landscape will change once the votes
show that the people want something else or better.
Not that the smaller parties are all good. Certainly not.
But there are a couple that at the very least care more
about the nation's history and it's people and would not
follow blindly the directives of the big powers.

Hellenes know that both parties are corrupted.
They also know that their leaders are strictly running
the family business, which is politics, as they both
come from lines of politicians who have not shown much
interest in the country other than securing the captain's
seat in the ship. They are not patriots in the literary
sense. They do not have the eternal flame that Greece is,
in their hearts. They simply studied politics but they did
not study well enough the heavy legacy we all carry as
Hellenes and what it means to be a Hellene and a patriot.
Sadly, that is what Greece needs now more than ever if it
is to come out of those problems intact, whole and dignified.
A patriot at the helm. Politicians just don't cut it anymore.

I'm not saying that ND would have been the best choice.
However under the circumstances, a vote for the party that
is not willing to sell the country piece by piece, would
have been the better choice as I see it. I might be wrong.

Granted, ND did not accomplish anything significant while
in power. Mainly cause Karamanlis was too busy trying to
handle and downplay all the scandals emanating from his
cabinet. They did though manage to whisper a veto in
Bucharest in a crappy effort to save face and preserve
the history. They pretended to have enough balls to go
against American and EU pressure in regards to the FYROM
issue, which at this point in time (along with the Turkish
provocations) it's of the out most importance for the
survival of the nation.

That is a heck of a lot more than I can say about PASOK.

Apparently, FYROM using our history and name to fill the
void of their history(or lack off one) is O.K with them.
And I can't forget a few years back, when PASOK leader
Papandreou was visiting Toronto, Canada, and made that
now infamous statement regarding Turkey's pressure to
appropriate Greek lands: “Well, maybe we can give them
a few acres of land so we can sleep easier at night".

Not to mention that they want to give the Greek citizenship
and nationality to all immigrants, legal or illegal as
long as they have been in Greece for five years.
And that is just so they can get more votes and support
for the next elections.

Excuse me??? Give them a few acres???? MOTHERFUCKER,
my ancestors died for every inch of Greek land and you
think YOU have the right to GIVE it away??
You could sleep easier having done this?
I guess you have no conscience to bother you.

Personally, I'd be too ashamed to close my eyes
having humiliated my grandparents’ memory who were
refugees from Asia Minor. And my great grandfather
on my fathers side who was a captain of the Cretan
rebels in their fight with the Ottoman empire.

And even though I was born and raised in Greece and
love that land with every fiber of my being, I have no
vote and no say in anything that happens there, but
some illegal immigrant who got in the country five
years ago and has done nothing but survive off the
Greek tax payers back has the right to vote for
another immigrant in PASOK's ranks? HELL NO!!

That man, Papandreou, and by extension his party,
have no back bone. They are going along with
America's wishes. And EU's wishes. And Turkish wishes.
And everyone else’s wishes. But what about our dignity,
our history, our identity as a nation???

The thing that worries me most is that Greeks don't seem
to realize this. Like I said earlier, neither party is
any good. However, in such a case you’d think they'd
choose the less sold out one. So we have ND whose main
problems were internal party scandals but a little
backbone towards outside pressure, and then we have
PASOK who don't care about anything else than being on
good terms with everyone on the outside, (mainly the US)
and don’t give a rat's ass about the country's history
or dignity.

It's incomprehensible to me why they worry so much
about what theUS/EU wants.

I see it this way, bare with me:

If my home was named Greece and the name of my garage
is Macedonia, and me being the head of my household
is like being the prime minister, I’ll make the
decisions that affect my home, my garage and my land
in general. No one else. So suppose that on one side
of my house I have a neighbor called FYROM and on
the other side I have a neighbor called Turkey, and
then across the street and a little more down there's
another neighbor with the biggest and nicest house
on the block, he's called US/EU.

Now. Let's say that FYROM likes the name of my garage
and wants to call his house Macedonia to which I say no.
Then US/EU tells me, " come on, give him your name for
his home or we will not be very happy if you don't”.
Do I have to do as they say? NO!! I don't!!
I'm not giving that name to anyone. That name is part
of my house!! And suppose Turkey tells me: "you know,
that side of your yard that's near my fence,
I believe belongs to me, so I want it”, and I say:
"no, it's my yard, it's inside my fence
and you can't have it". Then US/EU tells me:
"well you know, it is close to Turkey's land
so you should be nice and let him have it so he'll
stop bothering you or we're not going to be nice to
you any longer". Do I have to do as they say?

What if I say NO to both demands?
What can US/EU really do? Me and my neighbors are
over here and US/EU is many houses away from me.
They don’t like how I handle my house, that's fine.
It's my house and I do as I please in it or with it.
Just because you have the nicest house and you like
my neighbors because they some times do favors for you,
does not give you the right to director question my
actions as long as I'm not hurting anyone and I'm within
my rights. I worked hard to build my house as it is today.
Since there are laws in the city, you can not come all the
way to my house and slap my hand because I do not agree
with your other friends and neighbors demands.
You do not want to give any of your land to your neighbors
and you do not want to give any of your house names to
anyone else. Why should I?

To top it all off, you ask me to take in all the strangers
that come to me for shelter. I took a couple, the ones
I can afford to give shelter and sustenance to and that's it.
Don't ask me to take more than I can feed, I will not let my
family go hungry to feed strangers. My family comes first.
Same as your family comes first. Which is why you have erected
huge concrete walls and guards round your house to not let any
strangers inside that you don't want. So you do not have the
right to send all the rest of them to my house and expect me
to house and feed them at the expense of my family.

Now, I understand that this analogy is over simplified BUT,
I am not a fancy talking politician so I might sound crude.
But please, do try to understand the message here.
That's the important part

The PASOK government will do exactly what their powerful
friends want, just so they can secure the leadership of
the country (with their support), with little regard about
how their family feels with their decisions. They don't
realize that if the family is put aside just to satisfy
the fathers need to command and be accepted, then one day
there will be no family to command and the house will
eventually be just an empty shell filled with all sorts of
people that will not care for it, until it crumbles down
into dust.

With that in mind, I offer my condolences to all Hellenes
around the world and ask you all to remember this day,
October 4th 2009. Possibly, the beginning of the end for
Greece as we knew it.

I deeply, truly hope I'm 200 % wrong.


P.S. For my son,
I’m so very sorry I was not able to do anything to
prevent this from happening.
I'm sorry that all the glorious and painful history
I teach you, will be nothing more than just an old man's
tale by the time you have kids of your own to pass it to.
And I'm sorry that the great country I'm telling you about
will not exist in your future.
But no matter what you read or hear or are told,
please remember, I never have or ever will lie to you.

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