Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turkey is already in EU??

A teacher gave my son this site address: to practice for
a geography test. We were going over Europe and I got pissed when
I saw that they have Turkey as a European country.
My son obviously knew it's wrong, but not every kid does.
So in order for children everywhere to learn the right facts,
I've sent the following letter to them asking for a correction.
If anyone else wants, sent it to them also.
Maybe the more letteres they get, the faster they'll correct their



A teacher gave my son your site address to practice for a
geography test.
While we were going over Europe, I was surprised
and dissapointed to see that
a small error has occured.
You have entered Turkey as a European country. They are not.

To the best of my knowledge, I do know that Turkey has submited
their candidacy
which is under review by the EE but they are not
accepted yet as belonging to Europe.
I believe it is because of their
unwillingness to act according to the different treaties they
signed and their continuing human rights violations.
Their two main
opponents to joining the EE are Germany and France.
I would sugest that you re-check your sources and if you agree with
what I've writen here,
please correct that discrepancy so that the
chilgren learn the facts as they presently are.

One day Turkey could become a part of Europe but, it does not seem
to be any time soon.

Thank you for your time and a big Bravo for your excellent work.

Best regards"

the map cam be seen here

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm stepping into a bit of a political dispute here, but Turkey is considered geographically part of both Europe and Asia - the part west of the Bosporus is in Europe, and the east of the Bosporus is in Asia. The quiz-maker has chosen, just as with Russia, to put Turkey in the Europe part of the quiz, even though, just like Russia, it is part of both continents - it wouldn't be "wrong" whether he had put either country in Europe or Asia.
    For further information, see

    Many thanks