Monday, September 7, 2009

Multiculturalism, soon in a neighbourhood near YOU!

Holiday weekend and decided to take the family for
a drive since it's all quiet here.
We went down town, passed by the main streets,
then the hip and cultural section, the artistic section
and finaly the italian section of the city.
Everywhere people walking, having a coffee or drink on
a terrace, or enjoying a meal and good conversation.
And then we came back home.

Coming close to my "multicultural neighborhood, the
crowds dissapear. No people anywhere exept for the few
of the south asians and muslims that have moved in.
It's summer, it's warm and the sun has just set about
20 minutes ago. Where the hell are the people???
I just realized that my neighborhood has become a "ghost
town". There's no life here anymore. How come I didn't
realize it sooner? I knew something was wrong and that
we now have way too many south asians living here,
I knew that times have changed and that the economy
beeing what it is possibly makes people more stingy
with their hard earned cash but guess what. I am wrong!!
People are still having a good time on a warm summers night.
Just NOT here. Not any more....!!!! This is infuriating!!!
I remember 15-17 years ago, before "they" started coming in
by the thousands, on a night like this, there would be people
everywhere untill at least midnight, and even later if the
next day there was no work. Like this beautiful evening.
There would be young people walking about, talking, laughing,
flirting, couples with their kids, groups of older people...
There was people in the park, the restaurants, the cafes,
the ice cream shop, everywhere. Everyone smilling, dressed
nice, the cars all washed and shinny, and there was this
good feeling in the air. It felt good to be a part of it all
on a warm summer night, good to be alive, good to be here.

And now.... nothing. Just a few of "them" standing in one
corner and talking loudly on their god-damned cell phones
to the other guy across the street. They came here and
killed my neighborhood with their bad manners and total
lack of respect for anything and anyone that is not
associated with them or their religion.
They are like friggin' locusts that descent on a bountiful
field and live nothing standing after they leave.
The few of us non "them" that are left here, we don't really
go out after dark. Maybe it's irrational but I guess we don't
feel like seeing their faces, we don't feel that we are safe
or even belong here any more. I mean, when you go to the corner
store to get some milk and vegetables and you're walking home
with a bag in each hand, and there's three of them walking facing
you and no one is making way for you to pass, you have 2 choises.
You either have to go on the street and wait for them to pass, or,
like I do, stand and look at them until one of them will move
or I push through them with the bags.
Yeah, I guess I don't wanna go out of the house much beacause I dont
want to look at their faces no more. And when they put their kids
to piss on the grass in fron of my house I don't feel like seeing
more of them. When they send their kids to play ball in the street
and they bounce a soccer ball off the neighbours car and he tells
them to stop and they reply "fuck you", I don't want to see
more of them than I have to. And when they come playing in my
driveway and my wife tells them to leave and they give her the
finger and tell her that they'll kick her ass(!!??), I don't want to
see more of them than I have to. And when I'm in the back yard
fixing my fence that I know they ruined, and they come to look
at me and laugh and talk in their language and call me "doggy"
in english, I don't wanna see more of them than I have to.
And these are 5 to 10 year old kids!!!!

And to top it all off they complain about their rights
and how WE have to "respect" their ways. Excuse me??!, your
asses came here and disturbed OUR way of life, so you better
respect our ways and not the other way around.

So I guess I'm part of the problem.
I'm not affraid of them and I don't hate them, I just dislike
them a lot and I just don't want to see their faces any more.
So I don't go out unless I have to. Enough is enough.
The thing is that since they started coming here,
more and more people have left the area. And I don't blame them.
If I didn't have responsibilities that keep me tied to this area,
I would leave too. But I'm stuck here. Don't get me wrong.
I didn't mind the few immigrants back in the day. We all got
along verry well. But now that they outnumber me 4 to 1, and they
turned my neighbourhood into a "ghetto" and they ruined the whole
area and the fun life it once had, YES, I DO MIND!

Too bad the imigration minister and whoever else is
responsible for bringing them in here, (thinking these people will
enrich our lives, good luck on that)) don't live here.
Oh no, they live in posh, upper class neighborhoods.
They don't want anything to do with them. They just want to
show how progressive and wonderful they are and how they
are trying to make the world a better place by helping the poor
immigrants by bringing them here and sending them all on
MY street and not theirs. And making me pay for them
to stay home and have babies instead of working and contributing
to the friggin country they are abusing. Sure the politicians talk
about multiculturalism but they only force it on my ass, not theirs.
I say, screw you and your multiculturalism. It will never work.
Especialy when it's forced. I think we all lived better and got
along better when countries had borders and stricter immigration
policies. But you see, the ones on top need multiculturalism in
order to achieve globalization. But that's a whole other can of worms
that I'm not going to open just now.

For now all I have to say is this:

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