Thursday, January 7, 2010

Does Europe need more illegal immigrants?

Weather it does or does not, it will get them
thanks to the new Greek governments bill on
nationalization of all immigrants, the vast
majority of them illegal.

Does Europe need more illegal immigrants?
In my opinion, no. Does Greece need them?
Certainly not. They can't afford them as is.
Greece has a hard time sheltering, nourishing
and giving medical care to them.
They live off the Greek tax payer's back.
Then who does you might ask?
The newly elected prime minister
George Papandreou and his PASOK party.

They want their votes, so they are willing to
give them Greek nationality and citizenship.
This is a bad idea. If that bill becomes law,
then those people will be allowed to vote
and to eventually form political parties.

Unfortunately, I believe that since these people
don't show any interest for our way of life or customs
or anything else that could be seen as any form
of assimilation to their host society/country,
they only vote for any party they would give
would be strictly to advance their own needs
and ideas. I'm not sure if the prime minister has
thought of this too well beyond getting his votes
in the next election.

If this law is accepted by the Greek parliament,
Europe is in for some rough times ahead.
If all those people get Greek nationality,
then they can go and settle anywhere in the EU
with no questions asked, expecting everyone
to be tolerant and alter their existing way of life
to accommodate the needs of the immigrants.
This I see daily in my "multicultural" city.

Unfortunately, so far the Greek people have
not voiced any strong opposition to this bill.
Maybe they will, and maybe they will not.
In any case, George Papandreou does not
seem to care what his people want.
He just wants a guaranteed win in the next
elections and doesn’t seem to care where
those votes will come from.

The only governing body that could put
a halt Papandreou's plans, would be the EU.
Assuming the council realizes the danger to their
way of life and are willing to put a stop to it.
Because if they don't, Europeans might as well
make some more room in their homes,
guests are coming, ........uninvited!!!

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