Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to destroy nations with love and tolerance

An interesting and controversial perspective on multiculturalism
applicable perhaps to countries that are not “traditionally”
multicultural, such as Canada, Australia, the US and others.

Step One
Promote Multiculturalism
History shows tha no nation can survive the antagonism
of two or more competing languages and cultures
Step two
Invent “Multiculturalism” and encourage the immigrants
to maintain their culture.
Step Three
Celebrate Diversity rather than Unity
Step four:
Let the fastest growing group be the least educated
Step five:
Get big business to financially support Multiculturalism
Step six:
Make it TABOO to talk about anything against the Cult of Diversity.
Step seven:
Make it impossible to enforce immigration laws.
Enforce a number of myths, like immigration is a
normal phenomenon that cannot be stopped and that
it is beneficial to society.
Who benefits from Multiculturalism?
People working towards World Government are using
Multiculturalism to fragment formerly culturally
homogenous nations.
Formerly culturally homogenous nations presented
an obstacle to World Government,
But a country of tribes is too fractured to make
a united stand against it.

The multiculturalists’ vision of a harmonious, tolerant
and culturally diverse society is a politically-correct
dangerous collective fiction

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