Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eee.....kyra Doraaa!!!!

Re pou katanthsame.......Den mou lete kyria
Dora Bakogianovski,
pou kai pou kitate ti lene gia mas oi ksenoi?

Auto to ar8ro eine parmeno apo ena ap'ta kyriotera skopiana
news sites. to MINA. Gia na doume, 8a ksypnhsh pote kanenas
politikos na kanei tipote h mhpos fteme emis pou den apetoume thn peretish olwn sas?

MEP Deva: No one takes Greece seriously

British member of EU Parliament Nirj Deva today spoke to Macedonian media about the so called 'name dispute' with Greece. According to him, Greece is becoming increasingly isolated in the EU to a point that no MEP's take the Greek MEP's seriously.

"With great level of certainty, I can say that Greece does not have a big lobby in the EU. The Greeks themselves are seeing that we are openly laughing in their faces at how absurd their demands and comments are regarding Macedonia. Their immature responses coming from a mature administration does not bode well for the regional and global security" says Nirj Deva, MEP. (kai pios eine autos o gyftos re paidia??)

"The Macedonian army is presently in Afghanistan, we appreciate their contribution in the fight against terrorism and illicit drugs and this is why we believe Greece's response to be immature", added Deva.

Strong rhetoric from Karamanlis

Earlier today, Greek PM while visiting Pella, issued a strong statement that Macedonia must change its name if it wishes to join Euro-Atlantic organizations. Karamanlis' party ND has seen a dip in recent polls and is destined to lose the next elections. According to Greek Media, Karamanlis has said he would step down as the head of ND and may retire if his party loses the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, Greece's stance has been severely damaged by the U.S. Administration. The U.S. was Athens' last hope that some of the big powers may change their mind and side with Greece. President Obama's speech at the NATO Summit confirmed the U.S. policy will not change, as expected. ti perimenoume afou den exoume ka8olou eksoterikh politikh? Tetia kai dystixos xeirotera fylaei to mellon an den kanoume kati emeis.

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