Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop FYROM pseudomacedonism

Vasilije (Vasko) Gligorijevic , is an activist and strong criticizer of "Pseudomacedonism" ideology that flourishes in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and one of the leading members of the Slavic Philhellenic Network. Vasko has devoted his efforts at improving Slavic-Greek friendship through the advancement of historiographic and anthropological scholarship about Southern Slavs in the Balkans and Greeks as well as the various aspects of their mutual cultural and political relations. On January the 28th, he had been arrested from FYROM police when they charged into Vasko Gligorijevics apartment where they arrested him purportedly because of his activist actions. FYROM newspapers wrote that "he is a non-existent person" but suddenly and after the circulation of the news on the internet, the same media Vasko located in the known psychiatric hospital Bardovci. How much of mental problem does Vasilije Gligorijevic suffers from, you can judge from the articles that ha has written occasionally :

Slavic Settlement in Povardarje (FYROM) Reviewed: History, Ethnology and Politics

The Death of Academic Honesty in FYROM: The Case of National Sciences

Serbs of FYROM: Historical Presence and the Current Status
The Pseudomacedonian Ideology: Its Narrative

FYROM: How a Lie was Imposed as the Supreme Reality
VMRO Reign in FYROM: Europe's Only Modern-Day Fascist Regime

University Education in FYROM: The Production of Pseudomacedonian Historiography

Βασίλιε Γκλιγκορίεβιτς

Τον απήγαγε μέσα από το σπίτι του η αστυνομία της ΠΔΓΜ και τον εμφάνισε μετά από μία εβδομάδα σε ψυχιατρική κλινική (28 Ιανουαρίου απήχθει ,3 Φεβρουαρίου δημοσίευμα της Νόβα Ματσεντόνια έλεγε για εγκλεισμό του). Στο μεσοδιάστημα Αστυνομία και Σκοπιανά ΜΜΕ, αρνιόταν πεισματικά και την ύπαρξή του. Ο Βάσκο Γκλιγκορίεβιτς είναι ένας ιστορικός ερευνητής, ακτιβιστής και υπέρμαχος της δημοκρατίας που αντιστάθηκε και κατήγγειλε την διαστρέβλωση της ιστορικής πραγματικότητας αλλά και την σκληρή, φασιστικού τύπου, καθημερινότητα που επέβαλε το σύστημα του ψευδομακεδονισμού στους πολίτες της ΠΓΔΜ

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